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Life & Business Coaching

Among people, there are more copies than originals.

A coach should fit his or her clientele. If you have the feeling I am on your wavelength, then I look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a free initial consultation, by phone, personally or on skype.

In our work together, a coaching session is 1.5 hours and can take place at my offices in Cumberland Haus in Berlin or at a location of your choice.

On principle, it’s my understanding as a coach that coaching is a short-term, solution-oriented consultation offer. In addition to solving problems, it also always involves growth.

In a number of sessions ranging from 1 to 10 during a time period of your choosing, I would like to help you define parameters and make it possible for you to work out your goals, solutions and first steps.

I would be happy to talk about financials with you personally.


I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me with no obligation.

Telephone 0049 172 – 6129385
Skype: Coach-Dagmar-Thiam



Be. Don‘t try to become

Be the person you want to be

Imagine how your life would be if you were able to totally set the power of your personality free. It sounds simple. But unfortunately a lot of people do not feel genuine. Instead of being convincing, they are fulfilling a role – instead of living, they are fulfilling obligations.

Do you have the feeling that there is more to you than you are actually “letting out” right now? What would it be like if you would live the way you actually want to? And go a step further and think how would it be if you could inspire others and take them along on the journey?

Being authentic and reconciling your inner personality with your life on the outside is one of the greatest challenges for every one of us. Many of us live and work with the brakes on – and that is frustrating – for us and for others as well.

Continuing to develop as a person. It never stops. But with targeted coaching I can support you in reaching your goals even faster. Teach you how to expand your own personality, as an executive, a moderator or simply as a person.


Use the magnetism of your personality to be successful!
I look forward to working with you.

If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world.

Elaine Dalton


Life & Business Coach

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Life & Business Coach

Dagmar Thiam Coaching und Training



Dagmar Thiam

As Confucius said, the one who would be in constant happiness must frequently change!

I’ve always been fascinated by people and their experiences and development potential.

First of all, I myself gain something from every story I hear, and secondly, I am excited about how many possibilities every person, every employee and every team possesses, possibilities that have not yet been utilized.

I always believe that “there is still more to come”…. And I am convinced that humor and charisma are success factors that make my coaching work even more successful.

You can read more about me in the story of my life ….

Coach Dagmar Thiam arbeitet international mit Celebrities.



What is it that makes me me

Why I am a good sparring partner for you

My capabilities include: clarity, humor, charisma, presence, curiosity.

My values are: generosity, respect, humanness, freedom (in terms of values, thoughts, relationships), friendship and a passion for further development.


“Among people, there are more copies than originals.”
Pablo Picasso


Entwickeln Sie die Strahlkraft ihrer Persönlichkeit



The most important stops on my journey

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

Studies in business administration, majoring in: Marketing/General Management, degree as a Dipl. Betriebswirtin

TV journalist and TV presenter among other things for WDR/ARD, Sport aus Mainz/K3, QVC, DSF, Offensiv Interview/DSF, Sport im Dritten/SWF and Sport Tagesthemen/ARD (SOPHIE 19 agency)

Business/event and gala host (German, English, French) for international companies like Deutsche Bank, Siemens, MAN, Gerry Weber, Puma, Deutsche Telekom, Bundesministerium für Frauen, TNT, Michelin, Henkel, LBS, Audi, Volkswagen, etc.

Psychotherapeutic training under the Non-Medical Practitioners Act.

Seminars at Thomas Young: Awareness pioneering, exploration of one’s self and attitudes on the path to authenticity and congruence

Training as a certified Life Coach at Dr. Bock Akademie, Berlin
Training as a Team Coach at Dr. Bock Akademie, Berlin


Additional qualifications
Speech and moderator training (Stefan Wachtel)
Moderator trainings (in London, among other locations), Bertelsmann Moderator Training

Foreign languages
English, French


Dagmar Thiam

The path of my life

People always hold circumstances responsible for what they have become. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who move forward in this world are those who head out to look for the circumstances they need, and create them when they cannot find them.

My life to date has been full of variety and full of lessons, not to mention very colorful. Looking back, I can say that so far my intuition and a well-functioning sense of self-perception have been the rudders in my life. I am happy to have the freedom to consistently and courageously decide to take new paths.

And an accepting attitude – meaning I can say that the decision I have made in the respective moment is correct, and this allowed my experiences to become ever broader and ever more colorful.

As a high-performance athlete, my path in my childhood and youth took me from the gymnasiums of Bundesliga volleyball to Germany’s beaches and city beaches to play beach volleyball.

After concluding my business studies and working in consulting, I made the decision to change directions and enter unknown territory: TV. As a TV host, I started with classic program hosting, and, after many steps along the way, moving on to host a live sports show and the sports section of the Tagesthemen.

Relatively early on my manager brought me into event moderating; today I look back at 15 years of successful event moderating in front of up to 8,000 people, and I am a founding member of one of the most well-known moderator agencies in Germany (SOPHIE 19).

After meeting my husband during my work on TV, within a few weeks I decided on family and a life at home – and to consciously live life away from being “on” – with my children at home. My marriage to a professional soccer player opened new doors to me in the intimate circle of top sports, and it expanded my awareness of the lives of athletes and their families.

The experiences I gathered as a sports host on TV and in my life at the side of a top athlete, plus the efforts to create a stable and respectful relationship as parents from a relationship as a couple that ultimately failed led me to the next step in my life – coaching.

As the head organizer of my extensive patchwork family and parallel to my freelance moderator activities, I turned to new and interesting shores: Awareness and authenticity training with one of Germany’s most well-known teachers of wisdom and the successful conclusion of psychotherapy training were followed by training to become a certified Life Coach and Team Coach.

And in my present coaching activities with people, I find that the experiences I was able to gather have had a major influence on my authenticity and clarity, and the resulting presence and attitude provide an enormous benefit for many people.

My deep and observable conviction, which I not only believe, but also live by, is that changes and crises are there to get us moving and to encourage us to keep learning. On our own, but also with support from those who accompany us.





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