Dagmar Thiam

Life & Business Coach

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Leadership coaching

Leading with charisma. People are inspired by people who are genuine. The coaching I offer here is specially tailored to the challenges faced by team leaders and management. With my skills as a coach, graduate of business studies and presenter, …

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Celebrity coaching

You can’t photoshop your personality. From my own life as a successful host and moderator at the side of a top athlete, I know that people in the public eye sometimes need support – discreet support. Especially well-known celebrities are …

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Team coaching

“Love it, leave it or change it!” Do you want to lead your team out of the comfort zone to the place where they can take chances? Do you ask yourself how you can get your team into action with …

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Life coaching

Life can be so simple, but it can also be just as difficult. Your personality grows during identity and life crises, but that can take time. Often people are missing the right incentive or stimulus to accelerate development. What I …

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Presentation Training & Coaching

“What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself.” (Aurelius Augustinus) Something most people have the greatest fear of is public speaking. Be it the best man’s speech at a wedding, the announcement of the quarterly results …

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Host & moderator coaching

Just be who you are. This motto is decisive for the success, or lack thereof, in a host & moderator’s career. Because even though it sounds so simple, most up-and-coming young talents fail here. As a coach and experienced host …